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  RoverBase Overview

RoverBase is a new addition to the MobileCollect wireless system. RoverBase gives you total mobility for your measurement collection and the Visual Collect software included provides immediate feedback on the status of your process. With RoverBase you are not tied to a PC. You can take RoverBase and your gage(s) to the area where you need to take measurements.


RoverBase with Visual Collect &

MobileCollect Mobile Module on Caliper


Key Features of RoverBase with Visual Collect Software

  • Receives gage measurements wirelessly from multiple MobileCollect Mobile Modules.

  • RoverBase can be used with any gage supported by the MobileCollect Mobile Modules.

  • The touch screen on RoverBase will assist you when navigating the program. You can also navigate using the keys on the keyboard.

  • The Visual Collect software included with RoverBase is used to capture and display measurements and basic statistical analysis.

  • Statistical analysis includes basic calculations, histograms, and control charts.

  • Parts setup is downloaded from your PC.

  • 2.15" x 2.86" color touch screen with 480 x 640 pixel resolution.

  • Weighs 18.3 oz and measures 7.87" x 3.45" x 1.44" (average dimensions).

  • Ruggedized handheld withstands 6 foot drop to concrete, and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. IP65 rating.

  • High capacity rechargeable lithium battery provides more than 12 hours of continuous operation.

  • The battery is charged when RoverBase is in the Docking Station or the AC adapter is connected.

  • Transfer your measurements to any SPC software for database management and further analysis.


About RoverBase

The MicroRidge MobileCollect wireless technology is integrated internally as part of the RoverBase design, rather than being contained in an external add-on module. RoverBase is easy to set up, easy to use and easily transfers measurement data to your PC. RoverBase provides a quick and easy look at basic statistics, histograms and control charts. This measurement information can be transferred to any PC-based software program (Excel, Minitab, SPC software, etc.) via CSV files for database management and further analysis. Read more about Using RoverBase.

Click for download
Click for Download
  • For more detail on the operation of RoverBase, download the User's Guide. The User's Guide covers the RoverBase hardware and the Visual Collect, Parts Setup, and Measurement Export software.


RoverBase Specifications

Description Specification
Size 7.87" x 3.45" x 1.44" (average dimensions)
Weight 18.3 oz
Wireless Range 133' line of site indoors
Power requirements Rechargeable 4,400 mAh lithium battery
Battery life

At least several shifts. We have run tests and there was battery capacity still remaining after 12 hours of continuous operation with the wireless receiver and the backlight on.

Normal use of RoverBase would be some on time and some off time during a shift. This on and off usage should provide several shifts of use of a single battery charge.

If you recharge the unit on a regular basis, you should never experience a low battery condition unless the battery is at the end of its useable life.

Wireless Frequency 2.4 GHz ISM Baud (Industrial, Scientific & Medical)

Withstands multiple drops from 6 ft (1.8 m) to concrete

Rain/dust: IP65, IEC 60529

Operating temperatures: -4oF to 122oF (20oC to +50oC)

5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing

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