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MobileCollect is a measurement collection system consisting of one or more Bases connected to PCs receiving wireless data from multiple Mobile Modules or Remotes.  The wireless system supports  digital & RS-232 gages from Brown & Sharpe, CDI, Federal Maxum, Fowler, LMI, Mahr Federal, Mitutoyo, Ono Sokki,  Starrett, Sylvac, etc., and other RS-232 devices.

Why should I consider MobileCollect?

Reliable and durable, the MobileCollect wireless solution was designed over a period of several years specifically for industrial and manufacturing environments.  The result is a system that is easy to use and very reliable.  Mobile Modules are available to work with virtually any instrument or gage and provides the user with verified feedback.  The system integrates with any SPC and DAQ application software, is ergonomically designed and is built to last.  MicroRidge has over 25 years of DAQ and gage interface experience and is dedicated to your success and customer satisfaction.

What is the range of MobileCollect?

The theoretical range for the Mobile Modules, Bases and Remotes for indoor line-of-site measurements is 133 feet.  The actual range that you achieve  may be different due to interference from things such as motors, lighting, etc.  The only way to determine the actual range you will achieve is to test the equipment in your operating environment.

What frequency does the equipment run at and do you need to obtain a license?

MobileCollect operates at 2.4 GHz in the ISM (Industrial, Scientific & Medical) band.  MobileCollect has been approved for use in In North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.  You do not need any additional license.  Contact us if you require use in other countries.

What gages and RS-232 devices can I use with MobileCollect?

The Digital Mobile Module and the Command Mobile Module support digital gages and most handheld RS-232 devices.  The RS-232 Mobile Module supports devices with full RS-232 level outputs.  A  Remote can be used with any serial device and supports baud rates from 9600 to 38.4K.

How does the gage user know when the data is accurately received by the Base?

When a reading is sent from the Mobile Module to the Base, it includes an additional number -- a checksum.  When the Base receives the data (and checksum), it uses these corresponding bits of data in a mathematical formula to verify accuracy.  The result of this information is then transmitted back to the Mobile Modules where LEDs provide the user with feedback, acknowledging data reception and accuracy.  The user knows that data was accurately received via intuitive and highly visual feedback.

What if I forget to turn the Mobile Module off after I finish using it?

You never have to be concerned about turning the Mobile Module off.  As soon as the measurement transmission is complete, the Mobile Module automatically turns itself off.

How long will the batteries last in the Mobile Module?

Current tests indicate that you will think of the Digital Mobile Module battery life in terms of years.  Current indications are that for Mitutoyo gages, you should be able to get at least 500,000 readings from a battery.  This Mobile Module uses a Photo Lithium battery that is commonly available in many locations.

How can I get the data in real-time from MobileCollect into Microsoft Excel?

To put the data into an application such as Excel, you would use a keyboard wedge.  WedgeLink Xpress is a special version of our WedgeLink software keyboard wedge and is included at no additional charge with MobileCollect.

Can I use multiple Bases in close proximity to each other?

There is no limit as to the number of Bases that can be used within an area.  Each Base operates within its own Personal Area Network (PAN).  The data for one PAN is ignored by all of the other PANs.

What is a PAN?

A PAN is short distance wireless network designed to support portable and mobile computing devices.  The range of a PAN typically varies from 30 to several hundred feet.  The Base has the role of the controller, and this controller is in charge of the operation and communications within the PAN.  The Controller also determines whether a new device can become a member or associated with the PAN.  Multiple PANs can be operating in the same area and the data from one PAN is not processed by the other PANs.

What operating system do I need on my computer in order to use MobileCollect?

The setup program used for MobileCollect configuration requires Windows 2000 or later.  When using MobileCollect in the measurement collection mode, any operating system can be used.

What spare parts do I need in order to keep MobileCollect up and running?

If you are using the Mobile Module, there are two different spare parts that you should always have on hand.  The first are replacement batteries.  The Mobile Module use a single CR2 Photo Lithium battery.

The second spare part that you should have is a replacement gage cable.  A unique feature of the Mobile Module is that it allows the user to replace the cable in the field without having to send the Mobile Module back to MicroRidge.  Our experience since 1990 with a caliper-mounted data collector says that you need to consider cables as consumables.

There are no spare parts recommended for Bases or Remotes.

Everyone says they offer excellent technical support.  What makes your technical support different?

When you call MicroRidge for technical support, you will reach a real person, not a voicemail system.  We provide unlimited technical support at no charge on all of the products that we manufacture both before and after your purchase.

What SPC/DAQ software will MobileCollect work with?

MobileCollect will work with any software that accepts ASCII strings.  Virtually all of the SPC/DAQ software accepts this kind of input.

How do I connect MobileCollect to my computer if my computer does not have a serial port?

If your computer does not have a serial port, it should have multiple USB ports.  The USB Base connects directly to a USB port.  The RS-232 Base can be connected to a USB port with a serial to USB cable.  The USB drivers that are installed make the USB connections look like a regular serial port to your application.

I thought serial ports and RS-232 technology were obsolete?

This is a common perception that is definitely incorrect.  When you use a serial to USB cable, you also install drivers to make that USB connection look like a standard RS-232 port within your computer.  Your application software will be looking for a serial port (COM1, COM2, etc.) for data input.  Your PC application will not know and does not care whether that serial port was a standard serial port on a PC or whether it was created by the USB drivers.  They all look the same.  RS-232 communications is a very cost effective and efficient method for transmitting data at speeds up to 115.2K baud.  

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