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  About us

CHOSEN Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in June 2001 as an IT company providing Internet Solution and IT Products in Thailand. CHOSEN Technology Co.,Ltd. was the first company to become a partner with DTAC in supplying Air Cards with the Wireless Internet Solution on Mobile Phone Network.

CHOSEN starts to import Dino-Lite Handheld Digital Microscope since 2006 and still run IT business pararelly. We got a lots of big Industrial customers and starts to expand Microscope business. We have expertise in IT knowledge and put this expertise into  Microscope Business with Computer connection, Microscope on Screen, Measurement Software, Report Generation, Image Analysis Software, Vision Automation and Sorting. And we expand our Business dramatically.

Currently, CHOSEN is the leading company which provides total solution of “Microscope & Measurement” with a wide range of products such as small handheld microscope, image measuring instruments (Smartscope), automatic profile projector and high-end research grade microscope with measurement software and image analysis software.

With our great service and quality products, as proven by the “Excellent Supplier” certificates, CHOSEN  is now One of the Best choice of many major Thai public companies as well as Japanese and International private companies.

CHOSEN Technology Co.,Ltd. is the Exclusive Distributor of:


-      Dino-Lite            - World’s No.1 hand-held microscope microscope from Taiwan.

-          Meiji Techno     - Top3 Microscope from Japan & Best Seller Microscope in USA

-          Huvitz                 - No.1 Microscope from Korea. From the World’s top3 Ophthalmic

-          Accuvision         - No.1 Auto Vision Inspection and Sorting Machine from Taiwan

-          Motic                  - World’s Famous and Top Selling Microscope from Hong Kong

-          SOPTOP              - China’s No.1  and also World’s  2nd largest microscope producer

-          Miruc                  - No.1 Measure Scopes, Dovetail Stages and Air Pit from Japan.

-          ZATURN              - Optical Microscope and Measurement Instruments

-          METIMAGE        - No.1 and best seller Metal Analysis software from India.

-          ATOMS               - The automatic measurement solution from Switzerland.

-          Metavis              - The Leading Metal Sample preparation and Analysis from India

-          Microridge         - No.1 in USA of Wireless Module for Caliper and Guages.

-          Carmar              - Top Leading Measurement Machine from Taiwan.
MTDI                - No.1 Sample Preparation Machine from Korea.

-          And many more.


Management of CHOSEN Technology Co.,Ltd.

Founder & Managing Director – Master Degree in Computer Science and experience in IT and Internet field for many years since the 1st time of Internet in Thailand. He is the 1st one who provides Air Card wireless Internet Solution on Mobile Phone Network for DTAC and AIS. And create a “Virtual Walkthrough” Solution and set up CHOSEN3D.com for this solution.
After interested in and doing business in microscope field, he has been doing research and testing many microscope types and brands for more than 10 years. Currently, he is one of the microscope expert in Thailand.
Management of CHOSEN Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Chief Executive Advisor (President of Thai Air Ways: 2002-2006)
Managing Director with and International background and experience in diversified field, Tonwong was educated in Australia and worked in Japan. His prior experience was in Finance (Goldman Sachs Japan), Business and Tax Advisor (Andersen/KPMG Tokyo) and Value Based Management Consulting (Stern Steward Thailand)
Project Management Manager. David Bicknell has worked at the intersection of media and information technology industries for more than 2 decades. David’s current focus is on Multimedia infrastructure, streaming media, podcasts and web-based delivery of richly formatted media.


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  CHOSEN Technology Co.,Ltd.
5 Krungthepkreetha Rd., Saparnsung, Bangkok, Thailand 10250
5 ถนนกรุงเทพกรีฑา แขวงสะพานสูง เขตสะพานสูง กรุงเทพฯ 10250
Tel. +66(0)-2736-2122 Fax. +66(0)-2736-1670
Email : [email protected] Website : http://www.chosen.co.th